All in Britain comprises an informal group of people from a wide range of social and ethnic backgrounds born in, and or living in the UK.

We have come together because we believe there needs to be fresh thinking about the issues of race, identity, culture, and politics in Britain today. We aim to create a forum where we can discuss new ideas openly and consider the way forward.

Whilst we may share similar opinions, we don’t always agree. This blog is a space where we can test ideas and opinions without fear of the usual censure.

Ownership and Rights

All in Britain is a privately run blog and the editors reserve the right to moderate comments. They also reserve the right not to enter into correspondence over these decisions.

Comments submitted are owned by the person who made them and are not the views of the site’s editors, contributors, guest posters or other commenters. We are a voluntary group so are only able to moderate comments lightly and in response to complaints.

We will, on occasion link to blogs, articles, videos or podcasts of interest from third-party sites, these will not be open for comment on the website.


All in Britain is an amateur blog and contributions are made in the writer’s spare time. We welcome submissions of articles by others who share our concerns but we cannot guarantee publication.


The fact that a comment appears, or has not been deleted, in no way implies an endorsement by All in Britain of that comment or its author’s views.


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