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If the headline above is not a clear enough indicator, I am not a citizen of the British Isles. However, I see that many of the cultural battles that have been waged here in America have found their way to Britain. I feel it is out of necessity that I act as a representative of the American opposition to this culture war. Race, region, gender identity and sexuality are what matter in this culture war waged by the social justice warriors. They will be the deciding factor as to where you are within the cultural hierarchy. The social justice warriors are members of what has been rightfully called the regressive left.

Home for me is the American South, I was raised in the suburbs of one of America’s most diverse cities; Houston. I never once in my childhood ever looked at people by their race; my family raised me to see people as individuals and to treat them as I myself would want to be treated. I am a product of America’s public schools and I am the product of a hard-working middle-class nuclear family.

I suppose in today’s progressive age a white southerner that doesn’t have a prejudicial bone in their body and views human beings as human beings is not nearly enough to satisfy.

These last 5 years I have seen how savagely and unfairly Southerners have been collectively tarred and feathered by white twenty-somethings who live in San Francisco and New York City. They are the ones to tell us that we are voting “against our interests” when we reject their racial collectivism. For a century after the American Civil War, the South was plagued by racial collectivism in the form of Jim Crow laws. These activists have become what they believe to be fighting against, racial collectivists. To accept their postmodernist framing of race would be to set back liberty itself.

In America the social justice warriors have made human sexuality a politicized issue; failing to see the absolute irony of their actions when they spent the 2000s fighting the social conservatives over their attempts to politicize sexuality. I am someone that happens to be gay. I don’t feel that I am a part of some political bloc, I’m just one individual with opinions and political views just as anyone else. However that doesn’t play into what the social justice activists want, they desire someone that will build their entire political identity on who they sleep with. They have tried and almost entirely succeeded in tying your sexuality to what political party you support or don’t support. As someone who is gay, I am expected to be a loyal Democratic Party progressive voter ad infinitum. I am not a loyal Democratic Party progressive voter ad infinitum. I am not a part of some “community” because I share absolutely nothing in common with every other LGBT person in the United States aside from being a sexual minority.

I consider myself a person who is left of center and I believe strongly in liberal ideas, I don’t want to be talked down to and told what to believe. I don’t want politics to descend into petty political slights, voters to be called “deplorable” or politicians who won’t engage with ideas. When the regressive left tell you what to believe and you don’t object you will inevitably end up being a puppet for them, for the regressives you are just a means to an end. John Locke was right when he said: “…he who attempts to get another man into his absolute power…would get me into his power without consent…and destroy me too…”

So while I may not be a Briton, I can sympathize with the cultural and ideological war that is taking place in Britain. Where America goes Britain follows, as the saying goes. It originated here in this country, and therefore it has to be defeated here in this country so that victories against it can be made in Britain. The culture war spans the wide Atlantic that divides us.

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