Christine Louis-Dit-Sully: Return Politics to Principles, Not Identities

Return Political Conversation to Principles, Not Identities | Dr Christine Louis Dit Sully

Christine Louis-Dit-Sully: Return Political Conversation to Principles, Not Identities

Focusing on identities in our political conversations is divisive and restrictive. How can we shift the conversation back to principles?

Black. Woman. Uneducated, working-class background. These are some of the identities that are supposed to define me, that are supposed to give me a particular perspective in life. These identities today are supposed to give you knowledge about my ideas, beliefs, and opinions before you ever even meet me or listen to me. These identities are supposed to tell you and me who my enemies are and who shares common interests with me.

Can these accidents of birth, however, really tell you who I am?

I don’t think so. But many today firmly hold the belief that these identities reveal everything about me, and they will resort to insults and ad hominem attacks when they find out, through my own actions, that these identities do not tell you much at all about my ideas and opinions.

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