Why We Need Less Activism in Education

I was recently interviewed by Max Klinger of the E2 Review Podcast (a talkshow and podcast for people who like to think outside the box).

The key themes of the interview were as follows:

  1. Teaching the British Empire: I reiterate the main points in my recent blog Teaching the British Empire – Debunking the Myths on teaching the British Empire and World History on the curriculum in England.
  2. Activism in Education: How political activism justifies teaching structural accounts of racism as fact and the lack of teaching of different perspectives.
  3. Socially Liberalism: The inability of the left to analyse their own preferred policies and the negative impact they have had on society especially in ex-industrial areas.
  4. Left Wing Religious Dogma: All or nothing thinking on the left and the lack of a mechanism to revise policies and ideas when they go wrong or have unintended consequences.
  5. Identity Politics: The toxic growth of the politics of divide and conquer on the left.
  6. Marxism and Revolution: The negative attitude to the working class in Britain due to the lack of revolutionary politics and action.
  7. Brexit and Immigration: How the ethnic minority vote and views are swept under the carpet.
  8. Political Correctness: The use of language as a means of social control.

The whole interview is here:


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